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Importance of Effective Communication for Small Business

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Communication plays a vital role in all facets of business. It is very important that one should equip themselves with an effective set of communication skills.

Currently am attending a Social Media and Digital Marketing Marketing Training #shegoesdigital courtesy of Kuza Biashara. One of the areas the training is handling is communication skills. Am crystal clear that almost everyone has gone through a communication skills class at one point in their career be it in school or workshops outside the education system.
In campus we had Communication Skills as a unit and I have also attended a few seminar where effective communication skills was one of the main items in the basket. However, I have never had a better eye opening experience similar to the one I acquired at the Social Media and Digital Marketing training Session at Kuza Biashara.
Introduction to NLP
We, a group of 50 entrepreneurial ladies attending the training, are being taken through the NLP communication model. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The model takes into account the five senses.


Neuro expresses how we take in information with our five senses;
Visual- this is how we see things
Auditory- this explains how we listen and hear information directed at us
Kinaesthetic- this factors the way we feel things and perceive information
Olfactory- this is the smell we perceive through our noses of course
Gustatory- explains the tasting sensory bit


This put into account the non-verbal as well as the verbal communications.


Programming involves learning to control the ‘software’ inside our bodies.

NLP Explained

Information we conceive is stored in the subconscious mind. Everyone has a different filtering system depending from their upbringing, growing up environment etc.

We often make a mistake of wanting people to see things from our angle, but to effectively communicate. We need to understand that everyone is filtered differently hence the thinking should also be different.

We need to learn to be empathetic. Learn that everyone is thinking differently from us. We all have a different procedure to filter information.

The Communication Model

The communication model involves five main steps as follows;

Event happening Filtering Internal representation Emotions Physiology and behavior

External event occurs and comes in via all the five senses. Information received is filtered in terms of values and experiences. It could either be deleted, saved or bundled up into different compartments such as sadness box, a happy experience and more. Information that is deemed as not important is deleted.

Internal representation involves developing your own image of the events perceived. Emotions then results from the image created which then result to physiology. Physiology leads to behavior towards the physical event.

If you know what your filters are you can change your internal behavior. If you really listen to your partner and match them you can form a rapport. From there you will be more compassionate, you both understand one another and the result is a win win situation.

So how does this affect the business?

Through following the NLP model one is in a position to improve their communication skills which is very paramount in the business filed. The following reasons explain in details why effective communication should be the main focus point in any business.

Effective communications results to an effective team.

Encouraging effective communication in the job environment leads to a more cohesive team who are enthusiastic to be productive in the company. This is because they are able to identify not only with themselves but also with the company.

They are able to identify with the firm leading to increased productivity. Regular and effective communication also leads to improved work ethics where employees are aware of the achievements and they work towards a common objective.

It leads to effective management of employees.

Effective communication sees to it that the executive informs their subordinates of their responsibilities and expectations. It also ensures adequate and timely feedback is delivered. The staff are able to understand their goals and work towards achieving them.

Effective communication facilitates innovation.

An effective communication environment where staff and executive are empathetic of each other, it leads to a comfortable situation which opens up to new ideas and innovations. These ideas could be developed into great income generating opportunities.

Efficient communication builds rapports and maintains relationships.

In the business environment, it is mainly about creating a great network of like minded individuals as well as royal clientele base. Effective communication is the key to great rapport and a great network of potential investors and customers.

It maintains transparency in the business.

Regular and reliable communication channels ensures that all information is passed to the right parties and correspondences takes places in due time. This ensures transparency in the running of the business which makes it easier to identify and correct loopholes as well as potential investments.

It contributes greatly to the growth of the company.

Effective communication is the strong hold of the marketing strategy. Lack of proper marketing strategy and communication both internally and externally, the business will end up collapsing in due time. Efficient communication results to productivity in the organization which helps in avoiding unnecessary delays during implementation of policies.


The NLP model, is a perfect communication model if applied effectively. It is not only beneficial to the larger business but also to individuals.

Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to add, comment or make any suggestions.


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