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Women and Technology

We are on the third week in a Social Media and Digital Marketing skills training courtesy of Kuza Biashara. Thanks to the awesome Kuza Biashara team I can now boast of knowing a thing or two about the tech field, something I often shied away from.

I have never considered IT as something I would spare time for, I was comfortable with the little I learnt in my Computer Packages classes. “IT ina wenyewe!” (IT has its fellows ; direct translation) I would often console myself. It was not exactly my cup of tea. But now I know better.

This, however, triggered me to find out just how do women embrace technology and what challenges do they encounter in the practice. I was puzzled. A few courageous women have readily embraced the tech field just like I do my accounts. I mean I eat, sleep and breathe finance and in the same charisma a lady has embraced IT.

This doesn’t come easy though. In a world that seems inclined towards the boy child more than the girl, despite the many awareness campaigns, some careers are still considered male related and IT happens to top the list.

IT field leads with the least number of women according to a report released by and what is alarming is that more and more women are leaving the industry. Giant Tech companies including Google, Apple, Facebook and more have released reports indicating that men continue to outnumber women in a ratio of 4:1 in the technical fields. This is expected to get worse in the future.

But why? You may ask! Besides this being a very lucrative field in terms of earnings and working hours flexibility; something most people would go for, women are quite few. It is either they don’t feel welcome or they don’t want to feel welcome. When women go into venture capitalist looking for finance to work on their startups, many are the times they receive different treatment from their male counterparts. While a few push on, most women give up at this stage.

This got me thinking, why do women get such treatment? And why do they seem to give up so easily? The answer was right there with me.

I took my experience into perspective. I had this mentality that I can never indulge in IT after all it is just too difficult and of course there are many other simpler options. If I was to try and look for funds for an IT related venture and I got dismissed, chances are I would not try a second time. This is the same with most ladies.


Image courtesy of Anita Borg Institute


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